Nikisha Franco-Smith | Development Coordinator

Nikisha Franco-Smith is a dynamic Development Executive at Snowfall Films, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the team. With a background in both Industrial Engineering and Film & TV Production, Nikisha’s versatile skill set encompasses project management, process improvement, strategic planning, and client relations.

Throughout her career, Nikisha has demonstrated a strong ability to lead and coordinate diverse teams and projects seamlessly. Her role as a Project Manager & Coordinator for various clients and contract projects has equipped her with the skills to assess project scope, manage budgets, and ensure client satisfaction. Nikisha’s attention to detail and strategic approach have been instrumental in driving process improvement initiatives and achieving key milestones.

At Snowfall Films, Nikisha plays a pivotal role in overseeing fiscal management, tracking project budgets, and providing strategic recommendations for script development. Her creative prowess extends to designing strategic marketing tools, managing post-production specifications, and fostering relationships with industry stakeholders.

Nikisha’s dedication to excellence, coupled with her innovative thinking and collaborative spirit, makes her a valuable asset to Snowfall Films. Her contributions continue to elevate the company’s projects and enhance its reputation as a leading force in the film and entertainment industry. – 818-516-9781