SNOWFALL FILMS Produced Features:

UNDERTAKING BETTY (aka “PLOTS WITH A VIEW” – comedy/romance) – 2002

A woman, whose husband is cheating on her, and an undertaker, who has been in love with her since their childhood, decide to fake her death so they can be together. British comedy  with actors Brenda Blethyn, Alfred Molina, Naomi Watts, Lee Evans and Christopher Walken and British director Nick Hurran.  Miramax is the domestic distributor.  UNDERTAKING BETTY has won a BAFTA award and is now touring as a musical stage play in German, Austria and Switzerland.

JERICHO MANSIONS (drama/mystery/thriller) – 2003

A murder in an old apartment building leads the superintendent to suspect everyone, and eventually himself, of the murder. British/Canadian production of the psychological suspense film  staring James Caan, Genevieve Bujold, Maribel Verdu and Jennifer Tilly with Spanish director Alberto Sciamma.  JERICHO MANSIONS was an official selection at the 2003 Montreal Film Festival and at the 2004 Hollywood Film Festival.


Seven-year-old Jeremiah is pulled from his foster home and thrown into a troubled life on the road with his teenage mother, Sarah. Writer/director Asia Argento’s drama which is based on the novel by J.T. LeRoy staring Asia Argento, Marilyn Manson, Winona Ryder, Jeremy Renner, and Peter Fonda. The film premiered during the Directors Fortnight at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival and screened to high acclaim at the 2004 Toronto Film Festival.

BAILEY’S BILLION$ (comedy/family) – 2005

Sweet and savvy talking golden retriever, Bailey (Jon Lovitz), is one doggone lucky pooch when his devoted owner, Constance Pennington (Jackie Burroughs), leaves him her entire billion-dollar fortune.  British/Canadian family comedy stars Dean Cain, Laurie Holden, Tim Curry, Jennifer Tilly and Jon Lovitz as the talking dog.

CANDY STRIPERS (horror) – 2006

In a lonely road in Wucaipa, something attacks the driver of a car and her blind friend Tammy. They have a car accident; Tammy survives and is sent to the Wucaipa General Hospital. Meanwhile, a high school basketball team fights with the opponents in the square and the captain Matt with a broken leg, and his injured friends Joey and Brian are sent to the same hospital. Tammy is near death and asks the candy striper nurse Janine to kiss her. While kissing as a gesture of sympathy, an alien invades the mouth of Janine and infects her; she infects others nurses, clerks, doctors and patients, initiating an exponential virus outbreak in the hospital. The first film in the slate of thriller/horror movies under the WindChill Films genre division,  CANDY STRIPERS was sold to ScreenGems for U.S. DVD distribution.

SÉANCE (psychological thriller) – 2006

In an attempt to rid their dorm of a troublesome little girl ghost a group of college students inadvertently bring back the little girl’s killer. Written/directed by Mark L. Smith (“The Revenant” “Midnight Sky”) and actor Adrian Paul (“Highlander” TV Series).  LionsGate is the distributor. SÉANCE won Best Picture at the Shockerfest Film Festival.

DESERT OF BLOOD (horror) – 2008

In Tecate, Mexico, an American tourist is hunting a treasure buried in the sand of a ghost town with his girlfriend Amy. However, he digs the grave of the vampire Luis Diego, who was buried thirty-five years ago by his friend Father Hernandez. Executive Produced  with Producer Drew Brody and writer/director Don Henry.

PORTAL (thriller) – 2009

Soon after finding shelter in the mysterious, fog engulfed town of Mercy, two friends plan to rest up for their next day’s journey only to realize, as nights turn to nights, that time is not only on their side – time doesn’t exist. Stars Kevin Dobson and Chris Conrad.  It is distributed by LionsGate

THE CHAPERONE (comedy/family) – 2011

An ex-con on the run from his criminal past hides out from those he ratted on by chaperoning a field trip to New Orleans. Co-produced with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) which Stephen Herek (“Mr. Holland’s Opus”, “101 Dalmatians”) directed.  The film premiered in February 2011 and featured Ariel Winter (“Modern Family”) and wrestling super star Paul Levesque (Triple H).  THE CHAPERONE is distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

THE CALLING (drama/mystery – based on the novel of the same title) – 2014

Detective Hazel Micallef hasn’t had much to worry about in the sleepy town of Fort Dundas until a string of gruesome murders in the surrounding countryside brings her face to face with a serial killer driven by a higher calling. Co-exec produced with producers at Breaking Ball Films, Manis Films (“Ides of March”) and exec producer Christine Vachon (Boys Don’t Cry), with Jason Stone directing and Sony doing distribution. The cast includes Susan Sarandon, Ellen Burstyn, Donald Sutherland, Topher Grace, Gil Bellows and Christopher Heyerdahl.

MOST LIKELY TO DIE (thriller) – 2015

A group of former classmates gather for a pre-party at one of their homes the night before their 10-year high school reunion, and one by one, they are brutally slain in a manner befitting each’s senior yearbook superlative. Stars Heather Morris, Jake Busey and Perez Hilton and it’s directed by Anthony DiBlasi. The film is distributed by MarVista Entertainment and it had a theatrical release in the US on Friday the 13th, in May, 2016.

TIME TOYS (family sci-fi action adventure) – 2016

A group of middle school kids stumble upon a chest full of incredible toys from the future. The discovery takes them on an adventure using their newfound toys to save their neighborhood and ultimately the world from a maniacal corporate madman. In the process, these “loser” kids learn they have the qualities they thought they were lacking all along. Stars Ed Bagley Jr, Greg Germann and WWE’s Rob Van Dam and was written and directed by Mark Rosman (“The Cinderella Story” “The Perfect Man”)

A DARK WAY OUT (thriller) – 2022

When a self-centered petty thief gets wind that a lavish home will be vacant for the weekend, he decides to take advantage. After breaking in and filling his bag with loot, he realizes the house he’s robbing is already being robbed. He bolts for the door, but the scream of a young girl stops him in his tracks. He peers out of his hiding place to see her being dragged into a room. Stars Reggie Currelley, Raina Grey , Dermot Mulroney and Danny Trejo.

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